Chief Teacher – Passionate about developing and optimizing Digital Marketing ecosystems that truly work for each client’s individual needs.

David L. Novick has been leading eCommerce and eMarketing digital initiatives since the late 90’s for enterprise-class companies including Oakley, Cisco, ViewSonic, OvernightPrints, and Kawasaki Motors Corporation. David has a deep understanding of digital business models and go-to-market strategies: pure-play dot com, B2B and B2C eCommerce, and multi-channel / omni channel International businesses.

The SWAT Team –  Darn Digital’s SWAT (Secret Weapons And Tactics) team members are hand-picked, highly-effective operators in their Digital fields. SWAT team member identities are shared on a strictly “need-to-know” basis to protect their families, and confuse the paparazzi.

Our Ethos – Humanity has rapidly and unhesitatingly wrapped itself in digital technology. Digital tools are now primary drivers of:  Business;  Social behavior;  Education;  Music;  Art,  Sports, and so on. To remain competitive in today’s business environment ALL companies must be versed in the ever-changing and dynamic Digital world. Our charge, at Darn Digital, is to provide this Digital expertise, while acting like a  true extension of your team – bringing insights, connections, creative ideas, and digital management skills that will help you run and grow your business.